Registration for New Childcare Subsidy

Registration for new Childcare Subsidy starts from next Monday, 21st August with €1,040 yearly non-means childcare payment for every child from 6 months to 36 months.

I strongly encourage all parents to visit – to see the supports available to their family here in Limerick. You can also contact your local Limerick Childcare Committee on 061-600918 for any queries you might have.

A new Universal Childcare subsidy, of up to €1,040 per year is available for children aged from 6 months up to starting their free pre-school year (ECCE Scheme) at 36 months.

In addition to this universal payment, there will also be further childcare supports for families who need them most. Families on lower incomes, who qualify by way of a means test, will be eligible for supports worth up to €7,500 per year for children aged 6 months to 15 years of age.

You can register for both schemes from next Monday 21st August with your TUSLA registered childcare provider.

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