Birdhill Village & Surrounding Areas must continue to have a proper Bus Service – O’Donnell

Press Statement Senator Kieran O’ Donnell Thursday 4th April 2019

Birdhill Village & Surrounding Areas must continue to have a proper Bus Service  – O’Donnell

– JJ Kavanagh’s (Limerick to Dublin Airport) bus Service will shortly change from N7 to M7 & by-pass Birdhill Village & surrounding areas. 

– Senator O’Donnell raises the matter with Transport Minister Shane Ross in the Seanad

Castletroy based Senator Kieran O’Donnell is working with his colleague, local Fine Gael Councillor Phyll Bugler and the local community in Birdhill & surrounding areas to ensure that they continue to have a proper bus service, with the pending changes by JJ Kavanagh’s Buses on their Limerick to Dublin Airport route. This route currently operates on the N7 routes and has stops at Belmount cross,  Daly’s cross, Annaholty cross and Birdhill Village. JJ Kavanaghs advise that this  bus service will shortly transfer, on 16th April, to the M7 Motorway and by-pass these areas before continuing to stop in Nenagh and Roscrea.

“With the pending changes to the JJ Kavanagh’s buses Limerick to Dublin Airport, going off the N7 and onto the M7 Motorway, I and my local party colleague Councillor Phyll Bugler are determined to ensure that there continues to be a proper bus service for the people of Birdhill Village and surrounding rural areas.

“The Chair of Birdhill Tidy Towns, Denis Floyd along with other residents living in surrounding areas have been in contact with me about their serious concerns with the pending loss of bus services, due to changes in JJ Kavanagh’s bus route which will now by-pass Birdhill Village.

“In addressing these real concerns, I have taken a number of actions:-

“1. Today, Thursday 4th April, I raised this matter with Transport Minister Shane Ross in the Seanad and asked him to take up the matter with the National Transport Authority(NRA).

“2. National Transport Authority (NTA) – On Monday, I made direct contact with the National Transport Authority (NTA) about this JJ Kavanagh’s N7 to M20 change and the bus service needs for the Birdhill area. I am in discussions with them on continuing to have a proper bus service here.

“3. JJ Kavanagh’s Buses – I spoke to Paul Kavanagh, CEO of JJ Kavanaghs on Monday to request that they defer their decision on the bus route change, from N7 to M7, pending putting a replacement bus services in place for the people of Birdhill and surrounding areas. He was not disposed to doing this, saying it was a commercial decision which had been sanctioned by the NRA.

“However, Mr. Kavanagh is open to providing a Bus Stop on the M7 at Applegreen Birdhill, subject to agreement of Applegreen and approval of the NTA. This would in some way facilitate the people of Birdhill and surrounding areas to avail of this new M7 service so they can travel to Nenagh and Limerick City on a daily basis.

“4. Provide a JJ Kavanagh Bus Stop at Applegreen Birdhill – I spoke to Applegreen management on Wednesday and I have followed this up with a submission to them to facilitate the provision of a JJ Kavanagh Bus Stop at Applegreen Birdhill.

“5. Provision of a Tipperary Local Link Bus service for the Birdhill and surrounding areas – on yesterday Wednesday , I spoke to Anthony Moroney, General Operations Manager, Tipperary Local-Link, requesting that he look at the provision of a local bus service to cater for the loss of JJ Kavanaghs N7 service. He is positively disposed to this and is now looking into the matter and will take it up with the NTA and revert back to me.

“I have arranged for Tipperary local link to  meet Birdhill Tidy Towns and fellow residents to discuss this rural bus proposal.

“I am committed to working with my local Fine Gael colleague Cllr Phyll Bugler and the local community in Birdhill & surrounding areas to putting in place a proper public bus service to ensure daily transport connectivity to Nenagh and Limerick City.


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