Do FF want to delay the M20 and the new block in UHL in Limerick? – O’Donnell

Senator Kieran O’Donnell
Limerick City

Do FF want to delay the M20 and the new block in UCL in Limerick? – O’Donnell

Do Fianna Fáil want to delay key Government projects in Limerick a Fine Gael Senator has said.

“The Government is committed to the delivery of the National Development Plan (NDP) as part of the Project Ireland 2040 plan and it contains crucial projects for Limerick.

“The people of Limerick have been waiting long enough for this progress and yet now we hear that Fianna Fáil are raising delaying projects.

“We need to ask Willie O’Dea does Fianna Fáil want to delay projects like the M20, and the new block in UHL?

“Just last week (Thursday June 13), the Fianna Fáil party agreed to support a Soc Dems/Green motion to identify which regional development projects will be delayed or worse, cancelled.

“Now in the wake of the launch of the Government’s Climate Action Plan, senior Fianna Fáil figures are out calling again for crucial roads projects to be delayed. They are calling for the projects in the NDP to be revisited but in reality they just want to scrap Fine Gael’s Project Ireland 2040 for political reasons.

“Public transport is a key component of Fine Gael’s plans. Bus connects, cycleways, greenways all feature heavily in the NDP as well as the Climate Action Plan and these projects will proceed under the current Government.

“The Fianna Fáil position shows the clear danger presented to Limerick if there is a government change after the next election. Fine Gael is the party with the vision, the plan and the right team to implement it. The opposition just want to block progress for the sake of a political win”, the Fine Gael Senator concluded.


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