Castleconnell Flood Relief Scheme to get Underway with the Appointment of Design & Planning Consultants – O’Donnell & Murphy

Press Statement 21st June 2019 From: Senator Kieran O’Donnell

Castleconnell Flood Relief Scheme to get Underway with the Appointment of  Design & Planning Consultants  – O’Donnell & Murphy

Limerick Senator Kieran O’Donnell and newly elected Castleconnell based Fine Gael Councillor Michael Murphy have been informed by Limerick City & County Council that have been formally appointed as Design & Planning consultants for the Flood Relief protection scheme for Castleconnell village. This comes after a formal tendering process undertaken by the Council.

Senator O’Donnell along with Councillor Murphy have been working to ensure these flood relief measures progress as quickly as possible.

Following a personal visit by OPW & Flood reliefs Minister “Boxer” Moran to Castleconnell on 1st December 2017, which Senator O’Donnell arranged, the village was prioritised for flood relief measures with €720,000 allocated by the OPW later that same month to get this much needed project underway. This followed a long campaign by Senator O’Donnell and locals, including Cllr. Murphy. Incredibly the draft OPW CFRAMS(Catchment Flood Risk Assessment & Management) report published in 2016 did not include any flood relief measures for Castleconnell village on the basis that the OPW were of the view that there was no flood risk to properties, despite the fact that the village had suffered severe flooding twice in recent years, in 2009 and early 2016 respectively.

Following a OPW public consultation meeting on this draft CFAMS report held in the Castleoaks Hotel on 1st September 2016, Senator O’Donnell secured a commitment from the OPW to reassess and prepare flood relief plans for Castleconnell and made available for public consultation at a meeting in the Castleoaks hotel on 23rd March 2017 and thereafter were included in the final CFAMS report published in April 2018.

Senator O’Donnell said “Having campaigned on this project for a long period of time, along with my colleague Castleconnell based Councillor Michael Murphy, we are pleased to advise that Limerick City & County Council have today informed us that they have appointed as the design & planning consultants for the flood relief scheme for Castleconnell village.

“The Flood relief project is now formally underway and this is very welcome news for the people of Castleconnell who have suffered severe flooding twice in the last ten years, in 2009 and 2016.

“It is imperative that proper permanent flood defences are constructed to protect the homes and businesses in the village. We know first-hand of the terrible ordeal people had to endure with the floods in recent years.

“These design & planning consultants will take the project through an Bord Pleannala as well as supervise the construction of the flood relief measures when they are being constructed by the appointed contractors.

“The flood relief measures are planned to stretch along the Shannon river from Castleconnell boat club onto the village, by the Spa wall and down to the Ferrybank.

“It is expected that the planning process which will involve public consultations on the plans with locals in Castleconnell, will take approximately 18 months, followed by tendering and appointment of contractors to construct the flood relief works. We would encourage locals to review the  formal plans when they go on public display and attend the consultation meetings.

“In addition, Limerick City & County Council advise us that they will shortly be going out to tender for design and planning consultants in respect of flood relief measures for the adjoining areas of Mountshannon road and Annacotty village. Also, the Council and OPW is looking at flood relief options for neighbouring Montpelier.

Newly elected Castleconnell based Fine Gael Councillor Michael Murphy stated “living all my life in the area, I know first-hand the impact flooding has had on the lives of people residing and working in Castleconnell. Therefore, having worked with my colleague Senator O’Donnell on this flood relief project, I am particularly pleased that the formal design and planning process is now underway.

“I will continue to follow-up on this project with Limerick City and County Council to ensure it is progressed. In my new position as an elected Councillor, my priority at all times is to act in the best interests of people I represent.


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