O’Donnell welcomes submission for Garda Station in Castletroy to Garda Commissioner Drew Harris

Attached photo – Kieran O’ Donnell TD in Castletroy.  

Press Statement

Kieran O’Donnell TD

Friday 5th March 2022

 O’Donnell welcomes submission for Garda Station in Castletroy to Garda Commissioner Drew Harris

  • Garda Station for Castletroy/Annacotty takes major step forward
  • Garda Superintendent Gerard Roche confirmed directly to Kieran O’Donnell TD of Submission by Limerick Division to Garda Commissioner Drew Harris towards the 2022 Capital Plan for a Garda Station in Castletroy to serve Castletroy/Annacotty and environs.
  • New Station to have complement of 25-30 Garda Staff

Castletroy based Limerick TD Kieran O’Donnell has welcomed direct confirmation he received today from Garda Superintendent Gerard Roche at a virtual meeting of the Limerick Joint Policing Committee of a submission by the Limerick Division for a Garda Station in Castletroy to be included in the 2022 Garda Capital Plan which has now be sent to Garda Commissioner Drew Harris for his consideration. This follows a lengthy and tireless campaign by Deputy O’Donnell for a Garda Station to be based in the high growth area of Castletroy/Annacotty.

“For many years I have campaigned strongly for the Castletroy/Annacotty area to have its own Garda station and more recently for it to be included as part of the Garda Capital plan 2022. The direct confirmation I have received today from Limerick Division Garda Chief Superintendent Gerry Roche at the Limerick Joint Policing committee meeting that a detailed submission on this is now before the Garda Commissioner Harris for his consideration is great news for the greater Castletroy/Annacotty area.

“Chief Superintendent Gerry Roche also confirmed to me today that this new Garda Station in Castletroy could be a new building or use of an existing one. Furthermore, he confirmed that the Garda station in Castleconnell would in no way be affected by this proposal and would continue to operate.

“I have always argued the strong case for a Garda station for Castletroy is beyond question on the basis of being a very large population area, the largest growth area in Munster, with UL located here.  Furthermore, Castletroy and Annacotty are quite a distance from Limerick city and strategically exposed with the motorway nearby.

“The greater Castletroy/Annacotty area currently has a resident population of approximately of 15,000, swelled by a UL student population of over 16,000 which gives rise a current population of about 31,000. This excludes the large number of people working in the greater Castletroy/Annacotty area. It is expected the population will grow to 45,000 over the coming years. Recent events in Castletroy earlier this week have again highlighted the need for the area to have its own Garda Station.

“More recently I raised the unquestionable need for a Garda station for Castletroy with Garda Commissioner Drew Harris at the Justice Committee 26th June 2019, and also at the Limerick Joint Policing committee meeting held on 12th December 2019 following my invite for him to attend.

“At these meetings, Garda Commissioner Harris confirmed to me that undoubtedly with such large population growth, there will be a case for additional Garda stations and that a case would have to be made by An Garda Síochána to the OPW for any new Garda station. Under the Future of Policing in Ireland report states that decisions on the ideal numbers of either districts or stations should be made by the Garda Commissioner and therefore Garda Commissioner Drew Harris is key to progressing this new Garda Station for Castletroy.

“Whilst this a major step forward towards in getting a much needed Garda Station for Castletroy, it is only the first step and we must ensure it now is included in the Capital plan 2022 by Garda Commissioner Drew Harris and thereafter built as quickly as possible. I will now be writing to Garda Commissioner Drew Harris and engaging with Minister for Justice Helen McEntee to support this strong application.


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