Major Safety Improvement Measures to be Carried out at the Dangerous Nelson’s Cross, Castleconnell

Photo Attached: Deputy Kieran O’Donnell and Local Councillor Michael Murphy at Nelson’s Cross in Castleconnell

Press Statement

Kieran O’Donnell TD

Tuesday 2nd 11th November


Major Safety Improvement Measures to be Carried out at the Dangerous Nelson’s Cross, Castleconnell


  • ESB to Remove Pole at Junction to significantly improve sightlines for Vehicles
  • Limerick City & County Council to carry out a “Safety Works Scheme” at the Junction Itself


Limerick City Fine Gael TD Kieran O’Donnell along with his Fine Gael colleague and Castleconnell based, Cllr. Michael Murphy have secured works to improve the safety of the very dangerous, Nelson’s Cross in Castleconnell, which is on locally known O’Briens Bridge road (R525). Involved are specific works being carried out by the ESB and Limerick City and County Council. This is a road safety project Deputy O’Donnell and Cllr. Murphy have been working on for some time.


“Along with my colleague and Castleconnell based Councillor, Michael Murphy, we have been working with Limerick City & County Council and the ESB over a long period of time to improve the safety at the very dangerous Nelson’s Cross, located on the O’Briens Bridge road, the R525 at the entrance to Castleconnell Village. This very dangerous junction has continued to be a location for car accidents, even as late as last Thursday.


“In early August, following on-going discussions, we held meetings on site with the ESB and the Council to consider the best options to improve the safety at Nelson’s Cross. It was agreed that there were two elements needed here, with the first being to significantly improve the sightlines for vehicles approaching by removing an ESB Pole on the right hand-side of Nelson’s Cross on the approach road from Castleconnell village and improving the lighting here also. The ESB are now arranging to have these works carried out in early December and I would like to thank and acknowledge the residents living at Nelson’s Cross for facilitating these critical safety works.


“The second element involves improving the safety of the overall junction itself, with these works to be carried out by Limerick City & County Council. We believe that every possible safety feature must be considered as part of addressing the clear and recurring safety issues at this dangerous junction.  The safety measures currently being considered by the Council include a tabletop to look to reduce the speed of vehicle traffic on the four approach roads to the junction. Furthermore, we believe we must also look at additional measures to ensure vehicle traffic on the R525 road itself adhere to the 60km and 50km speed limits on the approach to Nelson’s Cross.


“Limerick City and Council road Engineers have confirmed to us that they have made a “Safety Scheme” funding application to the Department of Transport to carry out these necessary safety works. Once the funding is granted, the Council will immediately look to proceed to carry out these safety works. I will be following-up with the Department of Transport to ensure the funding is granted as quickly as possible.


“Nelson’s Cross has been a constant cause of serious safety concerns and these works to be carried out collectively by Limerick City and County Council and the ESB should significantly improve the safety of this dangerous junction. Furthermore, it is important that whatever safety measures are required are put in place here – we must get this right.




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